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Volvo V40 GEN II. 2012-2019

History of the Volvo Car

The V40 was Volvo’s compact 5-door premium hatchback in the C-segment. It went into production in 2012 and was one of Volvo´s most popular models until it was discontinued in 2019.

A Cross Country version was added late 2012 with a 40 mm higher ground clearance and distinctive Cross Country features.

In 2016 the V40 underwent a major refresh, receiving the new face of Volvo with a distinctive grille, containing the new Volvo logo, and the “Thor’s Hammer” headlights first seen on the 90 Series.

The V40 was powered by Volvo’s Drive-E petrol and diesel powertrains, linked to a 6-speed automatic transmission or manual transmission. Power output varied from 120 to 152 hp.

The V40 offered a range of connectivity options via its user interface, including Volvo On Call, a smartphone app that allows users to control certain features in their car, such as pre-heating, locking and unlocking, navigation, vehicle location services and other features.

The V40 came with one of the most comprehensive standard safety offers available in the segment, including City Safety, which offers a range of collision avoidance and mitigation functionalities including pedestrian and cyclist detection.

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