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Volvo P210. 1960 - 1969

History of the Volvo Car

Volvo P210

The P210 was the continuation of the PV445 or Duett. The model designation was changed in the autumn of 1960, when the car was given the same curved windscreen and new dashboard which had been used in the PV544 since August 1958.

The production of chassis for special versions ceased at this time. Over the years, people's interest in building special versions had declined and the cost had sky-rocketed at the same time. However, the P210 was still available as a van or a more flexible estate.

During the winter of 1962, a major modification was made to the P210. This model was also equipped with the B18 engine developing 75 bhp. The transition to a 12-volt electrical system was another important new feature.

The P210 or Duett was a car which was sold primarily on the Nordic markets. The last car in this series was built in February 1969.

Technical facts:
Prod. years: 1960-1969
Prod. volume: 60,100
Body style: Estate and delivery van
Engine: 4-cylinder, in-line, overhead valves, 1,583 cc (96 cu. in.), 79.37 x 80 mm, 60 bhp at 4,500 rpm. 1968: 1,778 cc (108, 84.14 x 80 mm, 75 bhp at 4,500 rpm.
Transmission: 4-speed manual with floor-mounted gear lever.
Brakes: Hydraulic drums on all wheels.
Dimensions: Wheelbase 260 cm/102".

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