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The contents of these pages are not endorsed by the Volvo Car Corporation in any country, and the Club is not in any way associated with them. But we extent our thanks for being allowed to use certain information and photographs supplied by them. The use of Volvo information and photographs applies only to the Volvo Owners Club, and should not be reused without permission from the Volvo Car Corporation.

The Volvo Owners Club gives help and advice in good faith, but accepts no responsibilities. We do not accept any liability for injury or damage caused by any person following any procedure found on this web site. It is an individual responsibility to take any precautions that may be required.

Copyright exists for much of the content of this site. However, as we wish to share our enjoyment with others, we ask that if you wish to use anything from this site, other than material credited to the Volvo Car Corporation, you contact us first, and quote the source of the material in your page.

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The Volvo Owners Club does not accept responsibility for any inappropriate or offensive photographs or comments that may be posted on the gallery, but we will remove them as soon as possible and take any reasonable steps to deal with any complaint arising from any such incident.

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