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Volvo Owners’ Club New Car Purchase Affinity Scheme

Volvo Car UK offers Volvo Owners’ Club members the chance to get a special deal (and don’t we all like a bargain) if they pop into their local dealer and order a new Volvo car. Please tell the salesperson that you are a Volvo Owners’ Club member from the outset so that they reflect the manufacturers support right from the outset of your discussions.

The only proviso is that to be able to place an order the person ordering has to have been a Volvo Owners’ Club member for at least six months. The six months membership rule is strictly enforced. Your Volvo Owners’ Club Membership Card must be produced at the time of placing an order.

The Affinity Scheme for current members of the Volvo Owners’ Club is now at THIS LOCATION. It can only be accessed by Volvo Owners' Club members.

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