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Volvo Driver. The Magazine of the Volvo Owners Club

Volvo Driver issue 249 June 2024

Members receive six A4 size colour magazine each year. This contains Club meetings and events, technical information and advice, topics of general interest, all the latest Volvo news, and articles by Members, and a Sales & Wants section.

The magazine is produced to a high professional standard by our publisher.

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Past Issues of Driver

Many of the past issues of Volvo Driver magazines can now be seen on line. These go back to the early 1970's. Although they contain a lot of club information, there is also a lot of information on the progress of Volvo and the cars throughout the years, as well as some technical and interesting general articles.

NOTE: These documents are password protected and only accessible by current members of the VOC.

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Selection of articles of interest from previous issues.

Return to sender. A Volvo 360GLT's journey 'home' from the UK in 2023 to the Volvo museum in Sweden.

How to register a car in France - A 'how to' by Barry Crofford

High Performance Driving. - Learning how to handle an 850 T5.

Volvo Survival Stories - Australian Volvo publication from 1975

The Volvo Group of Companies - published in 1974 by Volvo

1800S Restoration. - By Lawrence Wilkinson

Focus On The Netherlands. - By Hans van Diepen

Tre Kroner - The 262C - By Ray Levitt

Haynes Classic Tour 1991 - Account of a rally in a PV544

The Red Toad - Article and tips on PV restoration by John Switzer

PV - Mania - An article about an amazing restoration project on a PV544

1993 London - Sydney Marathon - Article by Don Chapman of his journey 'down under' in his 140

The Saint's Volvos - Article about the TV character 'The Saint' and the Volvos used, and the new series.

Recovery of a P1900 - The VOC help recover a rare Volvo, and set off its restoration

Walking On Water - An account by club member Hannu Hietalahti from Finland, on driving an Amazon on the frozen roads of Finland

460 Turbo mod - Modifications done to a 460 Turbo to boost its performance

Continental Tyres - Profile of a tyre manufacturer

Three cars you never saw - 3 of Volvo's prototype cars

Volvo Miniatures - An article on rare Volvo miniatures by Max Steinberg

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