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Volvo Maintenance FAQ for Volvo 700 900 S90 V90 Series Cars

This list was developed for the owners of Volvo 7xx/9xx series cars who are interested in maintenance tips that are not generally available in commercial manuals. It was compiled from Brickboard and specific websites with useful information. Items which appeared to be of lasting value to 700/900/90 series owners were excerpted and copied to this file. Sincere thanks to all those who took the time to answer others' questions and contribute to this public discussion. Because these remarks represent contributors' personal opinions, users need to exercise caution about any advice given; indeed, some of the comments are contradictory. Those who rely on opinions expressed on this website do so entirely at their own risk. As these opinions are available free-of-charge, there is no contract between any contributor and anyone who relies on these opinions. As a result, there is no warranty of any sort, expressed or implied, on the soundness or suitability of any of these opinions. This list is current as of the revision date below and was compiled by Steve Ringlee, who is NOT a consulting mechanic but only recording secretary. The html code is courtesy of Bob Isaac, webmaster of the UK Volvo Owners Club and creator of their excellent site. While this public domain list may be shared either whole or in part without attribution, it may not be sold or rented.

This site is not affiliated with nor sponsored by AB Volvo, Volvo Car Corporation, or Volvo Cars of North America, Inc. Volvo is a registered trademark of AB Volvo and Volvo Cars of North America, with worldwide rights, and is used by way of reference to products of AB Volvo only.

PDF Versions: PDF versions of most FAQ files are linked at the top of each page.

Buying a Used Volvo 700/900? See Buying Used and Keeping Your Car Rolling: Vehicle Preventive Maintenance for tips, trouble spots, and items to look for.

Having specific driveability problems? For no start, poor idle, etc. with your Volvo, start your search with the Engine Tune and Performance; Symptoms section where many common symptoms are described and diagnosed. Other driveability problems are described in Electrical: Ignition System, Electrical: Engine Sensors, Etc, Engine: Fuel Injection and other areas.

Help or Consulting Advice: Several Internet sources exist. Visit the Brickboard Rear-Wheel Drive Forum and post a message. You can reach this at You can join the Volvo Club of America and seek help at their closed list. If you are in the UK, the UK Volvo Owners Club at has a high quality series of forums arranged by Volvo model. Another good source of basic help is the Swedishbricks mailing list, found at This is a closed list and requires that you join in order to participate.

You will receive good, unbiased advice very quickly at any of these forums.

Here is a short testimony from someone who benefited from Brickboard:

"I would just like to thank the wonderful people on the Brickboard who helped me fix my car. I was about to sell the car because I couldn't fix it and couldn't afford to take it in to a shop. But the wonderful people who helped saved me by finding the problem and helping me fix it for $5. Thanks again! Charles."

This is typical. See Don't Panic for a similar tale which, without Brickboard and the FAQ, could have turned out much worse.

Contributions: Your contributions, along with corrections and suggestions, are always welcome. Please send a message to: stephenringlee at hotmail dot com (the subject line MUST contain the word Volvo) and attach a word processing file if you are submitting a written contribution. Scanned pictures or illustrations are also welcome in any format. To print out an individual file, do it directly from your browser or download the file, save it, then open it in a word processer that can read and print html files.

240 Owners: Many of the engine and transmission systems on your cars are identical to those on 740/940 cars of the same vintages. These notes selectively apply to you as well. There is an excellent 240 Series FAQ by Bob Scheer, now maintained at

850/40/60/70 Series FWD Cars: Visit other sites such as Volvospeed for tips on these front-wheel drive cars.

European/Canadian/International Users:

The US uses the old English (not Imperial!) system of measurements.

  • One inch= 2.54 centimeters
  • One foot= 12 inches
  • One pound= 0.455 kilograms
  • One quart=.946 liters
  • One US gallon=3.784 liters
  • One foot-pound=1.356 Newton-meters
  • 1 psi (pound per square inch)=0.069 Bar=6.89kPa=0.068 Atm

For more conversion tables see Online Conversion or Google's Calculator.

Table of Contents: See the Index File for an Easy-to-Use List of Main FAQ Files [thanks to Dan Heinzkill]

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Update version: 14.0 Date: 1 Jan 14

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