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Volvo High Mileage Club - Official Volvo Register

Volvo High Mileage Register
Bronze Class High Mileage Club Badge Silver Class High Mileage Club Badge Gold Class High Mileage Club Badge

Volvo cars have long had a reputation for being able to achieve high mileages. It is with that reputation that Volvo Car UK are pleased to launch the High Mileage Club to celebrate this great achievement. The administration of the Club will be undertaken by the Volvo Owners Club.

Three categories have been made as you can see from the photographs above.

  • Gold Class. For Volvo cars that have achieved 500,000 miles and over.
  • Silver Class. For Volvo cars that have achieved 300,000 to 499,999 miles.
  • Bronze Class. For Volvo cars that have achieved 150,000 to 299,999 miles.

Why do we use MILES and not KILOMETERS

There is no other reason than this all started a long time ago in the USA as the High Mileage Club and run by Volvo North America. That ended so we decided to start a new one with Volvo Car UK. Initially it was thought we would only run this in the UK, but we then decided quickly to have it world-wide. For cars that had their odometers in kilometers we just convert that figure into miles. So, in the grand scheme of things is does not really matter.

Your car uses kilometers - CHECK: Convert kilometers to miles HERE

To enrole in this prestigious Club you will need to register your car and its mileage. You will then be sent a free window sticker. If you wish to have a grille badge as in the photographs above you will be able to do so online or by normal mail. The cost of the grille badge is further down the page.

Details required to register

  • Model of Volvo car
  • Year of manufacture
  • Mileage (State if miles or km)
  • Chassis number
  • Owners name and address
  • Proof of mileage - see below

Proof of mileage

To qualify you will need to provide reasonable proof of mileage. This can be a copy of any document that has recorded the mileage, such as a service invoice or annual test certificate. This can be sent via email if you have the facility to scan or photograph the document, or by sending a copy to the address below. Do not send the original document.

You will then be entered into the register and sent your free window sticker. Having registered your car you can then purchase a badge if you wish to do so.

Who can apply

Anyone anywhere in the world who has a Volvo car that has over 150,000 miles (with proof) can register and purchase a badge.

How to register your car:

New Entry

To register your Volvo car online in the Official Volvo High Mileage Register: USE THIS FORM.

To Update the mileage on an existing entry.

To update the listing use THIS FORM

If you prefer to use normal mail then send your details to:

Dennis LeWorthy, Pinn Mill, 15 De Brionne Heights, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 1WG, UK

UK ONLY: If you are ordering a badge by normal mail then make the cheque or postal order payable to VOLVO OWNERS CLUB.

REMEMBER to send a copy of a document that can verify the mileage. The online secure form can be used to attach a jpg or pdf file of this document.

Order your Official Volvo High Mileage Club badge:

  • Badges to the UK and EU cost £25.00 including postage..
  • Badges to all other countries is £30.00 including postage.
Download badge order form

View the Volvo High Mileage Register.

Search the high mileage register below

If you want to contact us by email Click Here.

Here are a few of the top entries in the Official Register:

Top 10 over 500,000 miles.

ID Forename Surname Country Model Year Mileage
116 Irv Gordon USA 1800S 1966 3000100
1459 Russell and Gwen Den Australia 245GL 1979 1123345
971 Torsten Semmeroth Germany 945 2.3ti 1996 938146
1277 Robert Gawel Poland 945 1993 886260
18 Ron Scott UK Wales 244 DL 1980 788606
1379 Robert Tronstadhagen Norway 240DL 1985 776713
1191 Christoffer Sorensen Norway 940 1994 757263
46 Moisi Dumitri-Marius Romania 142 DL 1973 745644
422 Martin Clegg UK England S80 2.5D 2001 713500
463 John Jebaily USA 240 1993 678250

Top 10 over 300,000 miles.

ID Forename Surname Country Model Year Mileage
1824 Mark Crespo USA S60 2004 521000
1612 Ulrich Baster Germany S60 2001 506072
1633 Darren Slater UK England V70 D5 R Design 2010 503126
2195 Shigeo Sunahara Japan 122 1868 500000
1602 Pete Mouris USA V70 SE D5 2000 491503
1089 Arno Bakker Netherlands 940 1997 488456
453 Fred Hummel USA V70 1998 477216
710 Charlotte Andersson Sweden 945 GL 1993 472700
694 Alain Sabatier France 240 1983 462955
672 Tim McCabe USA 940 T Wagon 1993 458359

Top 10 over 150,000 miles.

ID Forename Surname Country Model Year Mileage
273 Jose Rui Alves Portugal 945 TD 1993 497200
903 Sylvo Gaastra Netherlands 940 GL 2.3 1997 477090
1401 Sebastian Sandgaard Nielsen Denmark V70 D4 2016 327636
1329 Jason W Sell USA V70R 2000 325000
1234 Soren Andersen Denmark V70 1999 311000
1121 Jesus Pozo Spain XC70 2005 310670
1638 John Duffy UK England XC90 2003 304183
1464 David Jac Roberts UK Wales S60 D5 S 2002 300770
55 Mark Alexander Sovereign UK England 850 GLT 1994 300008
1416 Dan Obrien UK England V70 2009 300006

These are the most recent 10 new entries.

ID Forename Surname Country Model Year Mileage
2203 Jo Howell UK England V50 2.0D 2004 230529
2201 Jayden Michael Rzanca USA V70R 2004 180433
2202 Konrad Orwat Poland V50 2011 165057
2199 David Jones UK England V50 2008 178256
2200 Adrian Snape UK England XC70 2006 163656
2198 Lennart Lepajõe Estonia 850 Estate 1996 310688
2197 Ulrich Baster Germany V70 III 2014 218177
2196 Andrew Gerrie UK England V70R 1997 172317
2194 Shigeo Sunahara Japan 544 1954 300000
2195 Shigeo Sunahara Japan 122 1868 500000

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