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Technical Information Page

Club technical magazines

Club Technical Magazine

Club members used to receive three Technical Driver magazines each year, between issues of Volvo Driver magazine. Technical Driver contained technical advice and tips, and letters from members who have carried out work on their own Volvos, and their experiences with their repairs. These issues are now archived on this web site.

The technical pages are now incorporated in the regular Volvo Driver club magazine.

Getting technical help

  • The first step is to go to the web site Search page and search there for any document that may help answer your enquiry.
  • The other option is to use our very active FORUM.
  • Current members of the Volvo Owners Club can contact the Register Keeper for their model of car. You can find their contact details in the club magazine, or email them from our MEMBERS CONTACT FORM. To access this you will need the password and username from the current issue of the club magazine Driver. We cannot guarantee to be able answer all questions especially for the newer generation cars that have complex electronic systems.

Articles on this web site and other web sites of technical interest

1999 engine changes
A very good summary of the technical changes (and related benefits) made to the N series engine late in 1999.

200/700 Series Injection Relay problems

200/700 Series V8 conversion

40 Series (S40/V40) headlamp bulb problem

6 CD Changer Installation. 850 Estate (PDF)

700 900 S90 V90 FAQ

700/900 Series: Cracks in crossmembers and chafing battery leads

850 Mesh Grill. Fitting.

850 Repair and Maintenance Documents.

850 Tyre Pressures.(PDF)

850 and early 70 Series Technical Service Bulletins

850/70 Service Light Reset

850 Series: Cracks in body

850 ABS EBD valve problem, and ABS wiring problems

850GLT Engine. Technical Document by Volvo. (PDF)

850GLT Chassis. Technical Document by Volvo. (PDF)

850/70 models - Engine cutting out when slowing down

Air-Fuel ratios.
Article by TME engineer Marco Alsterfalk.

Article on how Aquamist helps with engine tuning.

Auxilliary Spotlamps (PDF).
Fitting instructions.

B21A engine tips

Bicycle holder (PDF).
Roof mounted fitting instructions.

Bi Fuel Technology.

Body vibrations in cars 1999-2004

Brake upgrade for the 850 and 70 Series

B200F exhaust system with catalytic converter

C70 Convertible soft top roof damage. Cause and cure.

Car paint codes

Castrol Classic Oils. An article from 1999 by Castrol Oil on their oil for pre 1980 cars

Castrol Classic Oil With ZDDP Anti-Wear Additive. An article from 2008 by Castrol Oil on their Classic Oils

CD Box (PDF).
Fitting instructions.

Diesel Particulate Filter


Overheated car

Engines from 1927. Specifications

Engine Oil History.

Electromagnetic fields.
Statement from Volvo Car UK on this issue.

Electronic Fuel Injection Diagnostic Centre. Online assistance with ECU & EFI problems

Electronic Throttle Module (ETM) Issues.

Fuel Additives. FAQ by Chevron

Fuel Additives. FAQ by STP

Fuel Injection Systems

Fuel Saving. Useful web site on fuel saving tips.

Load carrier rails (PDF). Fitting instructions.

Locking wheel nut replacement keys

Lubrication Chart:
PV444/544/445 P210 - 1957-1965
122S - 1959-66
P1800 - 1961-66

Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) requirements. (PDF)

Modern Fuels and Older Cars. An article by Shell UK

MOT Testing

M.O.T. UK web site explaining all about the MOT test and what is checked.

Manual gearbox problem on 80 and 40 series models

New Car Features. Model Year 2006. Technical

New Car Features. Model Year 2006. Theory

OBD II info web site

Oil - Volvo Recommended Oil Chart (PDF)

Oil - Bob Is The Oil Guy. Informative web site about oils

Oil - Gear Oil FAQ from Opie Oils.

Oil - Article by Shell

Oil - Article by Volvo

Road Traffic Information (RTI) overview (PDF)

Rustproofing. A guide on preparing your car for rustproofing

Rust Protecting A Volvo
The Volvo factory process.
Published early 1960's. (PDF)

Seat Belt Installation for 120, 210, 544 Volvo instruction document. (PDF)

Self leveling headlamps - a simplified system in prototype form. Report from 1968. (PDF)

Safety Innovations used by Volvo in cars since 1944

S.I.P.S. (PDF)

Service Intervals - Petrol Engines (PDF)

Service Intervals - Diesel Engines (PDF)

The 21st Century Models

Turning Circle Diameters

Ticking noise under bonnet on 70 and 40 models

Towing Tips

Towbar Wiring

Unleaded Fuel and LRP. Converting your Volvo to run on unleaded fuel. UK models only.

Valve guide replacement on 960, 90, 850, 70 models

Volvo car production statistics and information.

Volvo car market codes. (PDF)

WHIPS overview. (PDF)

Wheel and tyre rolling radius calculator

How speed affects stopping distances. (PDF)This applies to all vehicles.

Hydraulic Tappets. (PDF)

Inflatable Curtain - Stage 3. (PDF)

Last Chassis Numbers 1961 - 1993. (PDF)

Glass mounted GSM antenna (PDF).
Fitting instructions.

H4SU carburetter diagram. (PDF)

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