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Volvo 960 Repairs and Maintenance
(Some data also applies to 940 and 850 models)

The pages linked above contain technical data and help for the service and maintenance of various Volvo cars.
Most are Volvo documents.

Remember to take all necessary safety precautions when working on your car.

Engine description and repairs - 2.9 6cyl

Engine VIN Plate ID

AC compressor refrigerant

AC compressor servicing

AC heater system

AC system specs

Air bag restraint

Alternator and Regulator

Anti lock brake system

Autogearbox diagnosis AW-40

Brake system

Cooling system and electric diagrams

Cruise control

Drive axle

Drive belt routing

Emissions info for all 94 volvo models

EGR function test 89-95 ALL MODELS

Engine cooling fan electric diagrams

Engine diagnostic tests without codes

Engine diagnostics with codes FLASHING LIGHT

Engine symptom diagnostics

Engine wiring diagrams for all 960 940 850 models in 1994

Fluid service intervals and specs

Fuses and circuit breakers

Maintainance info for OBD1 and OBD2

Maintenance reminder light reset for '90-'95 740 760 940 960 and OBD2

Power windows

Resistance range charts for all engine sensors on all 94 models

Service schedule

Starter motor

Steering system power rack and pinion

Sun roof power

Suspension - front

Suspension - rear

Throttle and Ignition adjustments

Vacuum diagrams for 940 and 850

Wheel alignment specs

Wiper washer system

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