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Electromagnetic Fields In Cars

This is a statement from Volvo Cars UK (December 2003):

The fields found in cars are at extremely low frequencies. The Council of the European Union has issued recommendations regarding e-m fields, and these relate only to the influence on the head and torso. The EU is about to recommend a maximum limit in excess of 100 uT for electromagnetic fields in the frequencies employed in cars and other applications. To put this into perspective, the Volvo models under discussion have electromagnetic fields that are 10 to 100 times lower than these limits, indeed they are no higher than those registered in many public places, e.g. the streets of Gothenburg.

Electromagnetic radiation is higher for Volvo than for some other cars, as a result of the fact that the battery is located in the boot on the large platform cars and wiring runs down the side of the car, to the engine. Having it in the boot is better for weight distribution and under-bonnet space.

Although Volvo Car Corporation's belief is that Volvo drivers can continue using their cars without fear, as a result of public demand, the factory has developed a kit which can be retrofitted to certain models which have their batteries in the boot, however there is a cost involved. The kit is available in the UK and your dealer will be able to offer you advice on this.

After the accessory cable installation, the typical levels of the electromagnetic field along the B+ and B- cables are reduced to approximately 2 µT.

In the UK (From 04my) the XC90, S80 and S60R-line has the EMF as standard. From MY 05, all large platform Volvos (in all markets) will have the EMF kit fitted at production. Again, this is as a result of public demand and not because Volvo Car Corporation believes that there is a problem.

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