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Cause and how to repair damage caused to the Volvo C70 Convertible soft roof fabric.

Wear damage on the soft roof fabric of the Volvo C70 is not something only the C70 can suffer from. This has affected several other makes such as the Audi. Volvo does not have any record of this being reported as a problem so no recall was ever done and no technical bulletin issued and no recommendation for it to be a check during a service.

The fabric folding roof of some C70 Convertibles gets damage as shown in the photograph below:

Volvo C70 Roof Damage

It is caused by the fabric rubbing against the bump stop when opening and closing as seen below:

Volvo C70 Roof Damage

The reason is that the fabric should fold in when the roof is lowered as below:

Volvo C70 Roof Damage

But as you see from the second photograph in this example it does not.

This happens when one of the elasticated straps on the inside becomes broken or has stretched and lost its elasticity:

Volvo C70 Roof Damage

The photograph below shows the damaged strap. There are various ways of fixing this. You can cut out the damaged strap and stitch in a new one and then secure it under the x-headed screw.

Volvo C70 Roof Damage

Professional Repairs.

Cayman Auto Services provide a full repair service for the Volvo C70 Convertible roof and the many issues and problems associated with it. Visit their web site and see if they can help you.

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