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Cracking crossmembers and chafing battery leads on 700/900 Series

I have been advised that there have been more than a few cases of Volvo 700/900's generating hairline cracks in the front crossmember, right next to the part where the lower suspension arm bolts on. These often go undetected because of dirt and in any case the paint has to be cleaned off to spot them for sure. Also on 700's the same crossmember has the heavy battery-to-starter cable running over its nearside front edge. These were the subject of a recall some years ago as they chafed, leading to a big electrical short (and under-bonnet fires in some cases). Apparently, most cars were caught, but the odd unmodified one must still be about. The recall modification involved 'fitting a sheathed clip, which lifted the lead away from the cross-member. It's screwed to the nearside front cross-member inside the fixing point of the lower suspension arm.

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