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Fuel Injection Systems

The pages linked above contain technical data and help for the service and maintenance of various Volvo cars.
Most are Volvo documents.

Remember to take all necessary safety precautions when working on your car.

200/700 Series Injection Relay problems

740 Fuel Injection Systems


Air-Fuel Ratios by TME Engineer Marco Alsterfalk

Electronic engine systems - 70 Series to MY 2000

EZ129K System

Electronic engine systems - 850/70 Series to MY 2000

Electronic engine system components - 850/70 Series up to MY 2000

Fuel control - 850/70 up to MY2000

Idle Air Control - 850/70 up to MY2000

Ignition control - 850/70 up to MY2000

Injector replacement - 850/70 series

K-Jetronic System

K-Jetronic System - Condensed version

LE-Jetronic Fuel Injection System

LE-Jetronic System Diagram

LH-Jetronic tips

LH-Jetronic 2.4 Volvo diagrams

ME 7.0

ME 7.01 Overview

Motronic LH 3.2 System

Motronic 4.4 Overview

Motronic 4.4 for the Volvo B5254T engine

Motronic 4.4 modified sensor on the Volvo 850 B5254T engine

Other engine functions - 850/70 up to MY 2000

OnTronic 32-bit Fuel Injection User Manual

OnTronic 32-bit Fuel Injection Web Site

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