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Volvo S80

The Volvo S80 was launched in spring 1998 as Volvo’s large new premium sedan. It was the first model of the new generation to showcase Volvo’s more curvaceous design and large, instantly recognizable tail lamps. The Volvo S80 was fitted with a unique powertrain featuring a transversely installed six-cylinder in-line engine. The Volvo S80 also heralded the introduction of advanced new safety solutions such as inflatable curtains and built-in protection against neck injuries.

The Volvo S80 is a classic sedan model with rounded contours and with a windscreen and rear screen with pronounced curvature. The tail section has an abrupt vertical cut-off and the tail lamps are large and wave-shaped. This feature was launched with the S80 model and has become one of Volvo’s most important design symbols over the years. The V-shaped bonnet and pronounced haunches are classic Volvo features that have been further enhanced in the Volvo S80.

Protective safety in the Volvo S80 is structured around a network consisting of exterior and interior safety systems that interact with one another to reduce the risk of occupant injury in a collision. The exterior systems have the task of distributing and absorbing incoming collision forces so that the passenger compartment remains as intact and undamaged as possible. The body is therefore built in the form of a metal cage where all the components interact with one another to ensure controlled deformation.

The Volvo S80 is designed and equipped to impact as little as possible on the global environment and to offer a clean and healthy interior climate. Petrol engines with low internal friction, efficient combustion and advanced exhaust filtration technology result in low emissions. Energy-efficient diesel engines produce low carbon dioxide emissions.

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Volvo S80

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