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The pages linked from here are extracts from earlier copies of the club magazine Volvo Driver. The pages are left here for historic reference. More information on news from the Volvo Car Corporation are on our Volvo Press pages.

Summer 1996

Cleaner and Greener - Gas 850 - Ultra Low Emissions

Autumn 1996

850 AWD - New 400 Series Models

Winter 1996

C70 at the British Motor Show - New Car Honours for 1996 - BTCC - Volvo Announce the S40

Spring 1997

New Generation Volvos - New Diesel S40/V40 - C70 Convertible

Summer 1997

Volvo 70 Years Young - Prototype Cleans Up - Close to Zero Emissions - Final 400 Model produced - Classic Car parts

Autumn 1997

V70 XC Cross Country Model - Volvo unveils the T4

Winter 1997

Volvo's six models at the London Motor Show - The V40/S40 T4 specifications - The new Volvo V10 for 1998

Spring 1998

Formula 1 star joins Volvo for BTCC - Volvo wins major consumer award

Summer 1998

'Superior Safety' scoop for S40 > Direct Injection S40/V40 1.8i > V70 Torslanda

Winter 1998

The Volvo S80 - Rydell takes BTCC honours > Volvo revises S40 & V40 > S70 AWD announced > New 40 and 70 series variants

Spring 1999

>BiFuel cash deals - S80 news > Volvo Approved Used Car Programme

Special Summer bulletin

Sale of Volvo to Ford > New models for year 2000 > Volvo V90 ambulance

Winter 2000

Volvo On Call. Advanced telematics system

December 2000

New A Piller Design with Safety Concept Car

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