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Volvo P1800 Series

1800 Volvo 1800 Volvo 1800S

Brief background to the P1800

Pristine Volvo P1800ES sells for record price at Bonhams auction

Register Keeper's reports. This page contains a series of articles of technical and general interest by the club official who specialises in this particular Volvo.

Profile on the Volvo 1800. An article outlining the history of the 1800 Series Volvo

Living with a Volvo 1800. An article outlining the day to day running of this model and its care and maintenance

Volvo Brochures. These contain technical and general specifications.

1800 restoration. Article on the restoration of an 1800

The Saint's Volvo's. Article about the 1800 and TV character 'The Saint

1800 Club of Sweden.

USA P1800 Register

Volvo Sport America. USA 1800 club

Volvo Sports of Switzerland

Volvo-V44 Club. This is the web site for the Dutch Amazon-PV-1800 clubs

Nordicar. Dutch source for 1800 parts

VP Auto Parts. Swedish source for 1800 parts

MotorOldies. Swedish source for 1800 parts

Brookhouse Classic Volvo Parts. UK source for 1800 parts Swedish source for parts for Volvo's from the PV to the 200

140/164/1800 Club of Norway

UK 1800 web site. Good site by James Fitch

P1800 picture archive. A useful web site by Karl Eric Målberg with pics of the 1800 from each year of production

Global chassis register of 1800's by Karl Eric Målberg.

1800 Series specifications and production details.

Road Test 1800E Dated 8 August 1970

Volvo P1800 IG Germany. Web site for 1800's

1800S Advert from July 1969

1800S Service Data Dated August 1967

Volvo Classics web site

Volvo 1800S 1963 Volvo 1800

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