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Volvo V50

Volvo V50 Volvo V50 Volvo V50

Just before the end of 2003, yet another new Volvo was launched, Volvo V50. Volvo V50 is the replacement for Volvo V40 which was launched in 1995.

The exterior design of the new Volvo V50 has a clear Volvo identity and the interior shows an influence of clean, crisp Scandinavian design.

Volvo V50 continues the strong Volvo heritage as a manufacturer of estate cars. Something that can be identified by the shape of the rear of the car and also the high mounted tail lamps.

Torsion stiffness has been increased by almost 70% and contributes to a high level of safety. Concerning safety, the new Volvo V50 has got a new, patented front structure with several crumple zones for increased protection of the occupants.

Other interesting news are the availability of the five cylinder petrol engine and also the possibility to get Volvo V50 with all wheel drive.

Technical Specifications
Model: Volvo V50
Variants: AWD
Produced: 2003-2012

Volume: Production running
Body: 5-door estate
Engine: 4-cyl in-line DOHC 1.596 cc, 1.798 5-cyl in-line DOHC, 2.435, 2.521 cc or 4-cyl in-line DI Turbo Diesel 1.998 cc
Transmission: 5-speed or 6-speed manual, 5-speed automatic
Brakes: Hydraulic, disc brakes all round
Dimensions: Overall length 452 cm, wheelbase 264 cm

The design language and the specification level harmonised more closely with the larger Volvo V70 estate car. The aim was to give customers large-car properties in a compact format and with clearly sporty overtones.

The Volvo V50 has a design with a curved roof line and an abrupt tail section. The car’s appearance speaks modern design and speed. This is emphasised by a rounded nose section, short bonnet and pronounced cab-forward stance. Broad haunches and convex side panels signal power and underscore the car’s compact dimensions. The tail lamps follow Volvo’s modern form and sweep up towards the roof panel. Despite its compact exterior dimensions, the Volvo V50 offers a spacious and flexible interior. Every passenger seat has a fold-flat backrest. With the seats folded down, the load compartment floor is entirely flat. In order to create even more space for luggage, the car’s rear section has been extended by 46 mm compared with the Volvo S40 sedan model.

The Volvo V50 is designed and equipped to impact as little as possible on the global environment and to offer a clean and healthy interior climate.

Petrol engines with low internal friction, efficient combustion and advanced exhaust filtration technology result in low emissions. Energy-efficient diesel engines with particle filters produce low emissions of carbon dioxide and soot particles. In addition, the Volvo V50 is available on the Swedish market with an ethanol-powered FlexiFuel engine. The five-cylinder versions of the Volvo V50 can be optionally specified with a catalytic radiator coating – PremAir®. This system converts harmful ground-level ozone into pure oxygen as the car drives. Its benefits are greatest in dense city traffic and in strong sunlight.

Source: Volvo Car Corporation.

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Volvo V50 Volvo V50

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