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Volvo XC60 Model Information

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XC60 T8 Twin Engine Exterior
XC60 T8 Twin Engine Interior
XC60 T8 Twin Engine Running
XC60 T8 Twin Engine

First released in 2008 the Volvo XC60 is the first vehicle in a new generation of the contemporary cross-over concept. It is a combination of a traditional city vehicle and an XC vehicle aimed for young, professional urban people with an active life. Volvo XC60 is a sporty and dynamic car with tasteful exterior and interior design and versatile functionality.

Volvo XC60 has a characteristic XC design language, with a blend of passenger- and coupe-like car shapes - including a touch of well-known Volvo design elements. The formula-drive stance, with big wheels "in the corners", lifted visual platform and a very high waistline - all contribute to a sturdy and robust impression. The V-shape design, i.e. front spoiler, LED lamps, bonnet, goes all the way to the rear.

The XC60 rear design is characterised by the tail lamps with micro optics and LED technique. The lamps, distributing light in a special way, give a characteristic "Volvo" design impression.

The XC60 II followed in May 2017.

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