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Volvo PV and TR Series

Volvo PV445
Volvo OV4 Volvo PV4 Volvo PV60

A rare Volvo convertible turns 60 years, the Volvo Sport

Volvo PV444 – the "little Volvo" turns 70

Register Keeper's reports. This page contains a series of articles of technical and general interest by the club official who specialises in this particular Volvo.

Profile on the Volvo PV An article outlining the history of the PV Series Volvo

Volvo Brochures These contain technical and general specifications.

The Great Red Toad Article on a restored PV544

PV Mania Article on an elaborately restored PV544

Haynes Classic Tour 1991 Article on a PV544 on a tour

Nordicar Dutch source for PV parts

VP Parts Swedish source for PV parts

MotorOldies Swedish source for PV parts

Brookhouse Classic Volvo Parts UK source for PV parts Swedish source for parts for Volvo's from the PV to the 200

PV544 web site By Frank Heul in The Netherlands

PV Register

PV444 page From Sweden by Thomas Näsström

PV DeliverChassis Interesting site from Sweden Site from the Netherlands on older Volvos

The Inca trail Bart and Jolijn Rietbergen from Holland on rally in a 1964 PV544

P1900 owners A "complete" list of P1900 owners compiled by Thomas Boronowski in Denmark.

Owners Manuals

PV web site

Volvo Service Bulletins 1955 - 60

PV544 specifications 1960

Recommended speeds for gear changing for the PV444 and PV544

Specifications of engines in production 1957

P1900 Specifications

PV444 Blueprint 1957

PV444 Test Report 1958

Road Test on PV544 November 1963

Seat Belt Installation Volvo instruction document

Volvo Classics - new web site

The Volvo PV444 Becomes The PV544 in August 1958

Volvo PV444 Volvo PV 210 Volvo P210

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