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Volvo 480 ES. The Volvo That Paved The Way To The Future Is Turning 30.

Register Keeper's reports. This page contains a series of articles of technical and general interest by the club official who specialises in this particular Volvo.

Profile on the Volvo 480 An article outlining the history of the 480 Series Volvo

Living with a Volvo 480 An article outlining the day to day running of this model and its care and maintenance

Volvo Brochures These contain technical and general specifications.

460 Turbo modifications Report on tuning the 460 turbo

480 Register Dutch 480 Enthusiasts Club web site

480 web site By Piet de Koning in The Netherlands

480 Club Europe

Superchips Improve the performance of your car with a new ECU chip.

Dansk 480 Klub 480 club web site from Denmark

440 web site German site by Gerhard P. Hirsch

Italian 480 web site

480 Under Bonnet Fire Risk

480ES Press Release

480 Press Release 1988

Volvo 440 Volvo 460

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