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Volvo 120 Amazon Series

Volvo Amazon
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Volvo Amazon - a female warrior turns 60.

Brief background to the Amazon

Register Keeper's reports. This page contains a series of articles of technical and general interest by the club official who specialises in this particular Volvo

Profile on the Volvo 120. An article outlining the history of the 120 Series Volvo with production information.

Living with a Volvo 120. An article outlining the day to day running of this model and its care and maintenance

Volvo Brochures These contain technical and general specifications.

Walking on Water. Article about driving an Amazon on the frozen rivers on Finland

Amazon Models. Great Swedish Amazon site

Amazon Page. Another great Amazon web site from Sweden.

Amazon Spares, Melbourne, Australia. John Pearey. E-mail:

Volvo-V44 Club. This is the web site for the Dutch Amazon-PV-1800 clubs

Amazon Restoration. Web page by Jim Hekker of the New Zealand Volvo club on his restoration project.

Amazon Page. Chew Yong Seong in Malaysia has done this page on his Amazon

Amazon Page. Udo Meixner's German Homepage about Amazons

Swedish Vintage and Classic Automobiles
Wayne Coles, 8 Somersby Road, Welshpool, Western Australia 6106. Email:

Nordicar. Dutch source for Amazon parts

VP Parts. Swedish source for Amazon parts

MotorOldies. Swedish source for 120 parts

Brookhouse Classic Volvo Parts. UK source for 120 parts Swedish source for parts for Volvo's from the PV to the 200

Amazon web site. By Rolf Franke in Germany

Amazon web site. From Thailand Site from the Netherlands on older Volvo's

Amazon Cars UK. Very useful UK site with tech tips and sales.

Amazons. Website in the Netherlands that is about Amazons, with running reports and project cars

Owners Manuals. VOC Members Only

Volvo Service Bulletins 1955 - 60

122S 1960 Specifications.

Amazon road tests 1958

221/223S Service Data Dated December 1967

Seat Belt Installation Volvo instruction document

Amazon turns 50 years of age.

Volvo Classics - new web site

Volvo Amazon. The first real international seller

122S Press release Part 1 - USA 1960

122S Press release Part 2 - USA 1960

Volvo 121 Volvo 130

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