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27 February 2001

The Hatric Concept Car - the new retractable solution developed by Valmet Automotive.

Hatric Concept C70

Valmet Automotive presented the Hatric Concept Car, a complete 4-seater, at the 71st International Motor Show in Geneva. The concept car is based on the Volvo C70 Convertible. Retractable hard tops are becoming more common and car manufacturers are thus increasing their offering of retractable hard top vehicles. So far the models in the market have been either 2-seaters or 2+2-seaters.

The Valmet Automotive Hatric Concept Car is a coupe-like full 4-seater with a retractable metal roof and a spacious and practical luggage compartment. The three-panel retractable hard top has a simple and robust mechanism and a fully automatic operation. Good rear seat space and a spacious, fully finished luggage compartment have been accomplished by reliable and innovative solutions.

Due to a creative roof folding method, the practically shaped luggage compartment can be loaded and unloaded from a natural angle even with the roof stowed. When the top is up, the roof stowage space can be used for luggage due to foldable panels. The user can also easily vary the volume and shape of the luggage compartment.

The sliding floor of the luggage compartment further improves the ease of use. Even long items like skis are now easy to load through a hatch in the centre of the back seat. The luggage items and the roof mechanism are clearly kept separate to provide protection for both.

The Valmet Automotive Hatric Concept Car has been designed to meet the safety and easy-to-use requirements demanded by today¹s customers. The roof can be operated from the traditional dash-mounted switch, the driver door lock or the innovative remote control. Rear visibility has been improved by slim C-pillars. The cross member is located in the back of the car to ensure the torsional stiffness of the body.

Hatric Concept Volvo

The innovative obstacle detection systems

The unique obstacle detection systems of the Hatric concept are displayed for the first time at the Geneva International Motor Show. The obstacle detection works in two places. Located in the windshield header and the tonneau cover, the systems enhance the safety aspects of the vehicle. In the windshield header the obstacle detection system identifies the possible objects between the window frame and the roof when the roof is closing. In the tonneau cover it identifies the objects between the tonneau cover when it is closing.

Valmet Automotive has developed the obstacle detection systems in cooperation with Mitron Oy. The obstacle detection system has been integrated to the graphic operator system, which displays the roof operation phases and gives information about the current phase of the cycle. At the same time it informs of the possible hazards and errors.Together the obstacle detection systems and the graphic operator interface bring additional value to the user-friendliness and safety aspects of the vehicle.

High quality specialty cars

Valmet Automotive is an independent contract manufacturer of specialty cars. Several technology projects have increased and deepened the company¹s knowledge in niche cars. In the 1990¹s new production-friendly body and top systems were developed and displayed in concept cars at the International Motor Show in Geneva. Isatis was displayed with a fully automated soft top.

In 1997 our concept car, Boreal, had an automatic retractable top. The following year the Honda CRV had the first automatic top stack concept in a 4-seater and 4-door SUV. In 1999 we displayed the Zerone, a top concept that makes a simple and robust automatic top stack possible. Last year was the turn of the Raceabout, an 2-seater roadster with an aluminum monocoque.

In the year 2001, all the advantages combined, The Valmet Automotive Hatric Concept Car represents the latest developments in the market for retractable hard top vehicles. All these patented technical solutions are further developed and adapted to the customer needs for new niche vehicles.

1 March 2002

Valmet Automotive presents The Coupé Convertible concept car at the Geneva Motor Show

Valmet Automotive C70

Valmet Automotive presents its newest concept car, The Valmet Coupé Convertible, at the Geneva Motor Show 5th - 17th March, 2002. This concept car embodies convertibles with retractable hard top, which have awoken more and more interest among the customers.

The idea of this concept was to create a convertible, which offers superb coupé-like styling when the roof is up. The innovative roof folding method offers the rear seat passengers excellent space utilisation. The Coupé Convertible is full 4-seater with spacious luggage compartment whether the roof is up or down. Furthermore, the new roof concept can be applied to cars with short rear overhang, such as hatchbacks and compact cars.

The Valmet Coupé Convertible is developed and manufactured in the Technical Centre of Valmet Automotive in Uusikaupunki. The concept car is again based on the Volvo C70 Convertible, which gave a good basis for further development of the ideas. The Coupé Convertible is the third and newest retractable hard top concept created by Valmet Automotive.

This concept is a unique car representing the specialty vehicle know-how of Valmet Automotive. The purpose is not to launch this car into production, although the concept solutions have been made series production in mind. The concept car embodies technical innovations and space solutions, which can be utilised in the future specialty vehicle projects.

Valmet Automotive C70

Valmet Automotive is a specialty car manufacturer in Finland. Today we produce Porsche Boxster, Saab 9-3 Convertible and Saab 9-3 Viggen, totalling 42,000 cars in 2001. Our facilities in Uusikaupunki consist of a body shop, paint shop, final assembly and a product design and development centre. The number of personnel is 1,600. Valmet Automotive is today owned by Metso Corporation (90%) and ThyssenKrupp Automotive AG (10%), one of the top 20 automotive systems suppliers in the world.

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