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Volvo XC60 Model Year 2012

20 May 2011

The XC60 is Volvo's bold, sporty and muscular challenger in the Small Premium Utility segment. The car is charged with emotive form and energy. It is has the real crossover character with a combination of the traditional city vehicle and a cross country vehicle aimed at young, professional urban people with an active lifestyle.

The XC60 has been upgraded with the latest Volvo Sensus infotainment system - and the crossover can also be specified with the Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake safety system.


Characteristic design
Down below, the unmistakeable, capable cross over muscles are pumped up, creating a strong athletic body that is mated with high ground clearance and large wheels. Up above, the flowing lines create the sporty charisma of a coupe. The sculpted, seductive lines are particularly clear when the XC60 is viewed from the side. The car's shoulders are exceptionally broad. The large wheels, the bold wheel arches and the darker livery of the body's lower section further enhance the muscular feel, while the dynamic, flowing lines of the greenhouse combined with its daring roof contour impart a sporty coupe feel to the upper part of the car.

The rear design is characterised by tail lamps with micro-optics and LED technology. The lamps, which distribute their light in a special way, enhance the characteristic "Volvo" design. The range of wheel rims has been extended with a new 18-inch version with six double spokes.

Integrated roof rails
The roof rails provide a solid and tight impression. They are available in two versions - Charcoal (standard) or Silk-Metal - and built into the car at the factory.

Bold R-Design
The bold attitude of the Volvo XC60 R-Design radiates true driving pleasure - and the sporty chassis and direct steering ensure that the drive matches the sporty appearance.

The R-Design model boosts the XC60's already sporty aura and gives the car an even more refined character in terms of both driving experience and design. The R-Design chassis is stiffer, features stronger damping and has more distinct driving properties - without compromising ride comfort. All passengers can still enjoy a long and pleasant ride on any type of road surface.

Exterior colours
The following colours available for the Volvo XC60:

  • Flamenco Red metallic 702
  • Seashell metallic 484
  • Black Stone 019
  • Ice White 614
  • Silver metallic 426
  • Black Sapphire metallic 452
  • Barents Blue metallic 466
  • Electric Silver metallic 477
  • Cosmic White metallic 481
  • Savile Grey metallic 492
  • Lime Grass Green metallic 495
  • Terra Bronze metallic 494
  • Passion Red (only R-Design) 612


Driver-oriented interior
The interior is driver-oriented and designed to create a dynamic feel. The lines on the panels and surfaces connect the various interior panels with each other to create a harmonious style with "loops." Thick and thin lines contribute to the XC profile.

The characteristic floating centre console gives a dynamic and sporty impression. The centre console is slightly angled towards the driver to enhance driver dynamics. The visual "X" in the seats and backrests enhances the dynamic appearance.

Volvo Sensus - refined infotainment
Volvo Sensus is an excellent example of how Volvo Cars refines the driver environment. All information is presented on a five-inch or seven-inch colour screen in the upper part of the centre stack. The screen is positioned high up to make it easy for the driver to keep his or hers eyes on the road. All the functions can be controlled via buttons built into the steering wheel or via touch buttons located just below the colour screen.

If the customer chooses a multimedia audio system, Volvo Sensus comes upgraded with the larger seven-inch screen that also displays information and images from the navigation system, phone, reversing camera, panorama camera, DVD player, digital TV and so on.

The Bluetooth connection has been upgraded to allow not only hands-free phone conversations but also music streaming from a preferred Bluetooth enabled portable music player. Volvo is actually the only brand to offer Bluetooth music streaming throughout the entire vehicle range.

Keep in touch via mobile application
New is also a mobile application that makes sure that the driver can stay in touch with the parked car via an iPhone or Android smart phone. The mobile application is an extension of Volvo On Call, which is presently available in 12 European countries plus Russia and Brazil.

Now, the system has been reinvented. Owners of all new Volvos from Model Year 2012 with Volvo On Call can download the new application that opens up a range of connectivity possibilities. The mobile app is free and downloaded via the iPhone and Android application stores. The app is designed to offer the owner an intuitive, easy-to-use relationship with the car from a distance.

World-class audio
The XC60 gets the same type of centre stack and the same range of audio units as recently introduced in the Volvo S60 and V60. The most advanced audio unit, Premium Sound, has a Class D digital 5x130W amplifier with circuits from Swedish experts Anaview, Dolby Digital in combination with Dolby Pro Logic II Surround, the latest MultEQ from Audyssey Laboratories and 12 loudspeakers.

In addition to Premium Sound, which comes with a seven-inch screen, there are three other audio systems to choose between.

Practical load area
The load area has a lockable load floor covering two storage areas, one for personal items and another for soiled or wet items. The cargo cover extends over the entire load area. The rear door prevents the floor hatch from being opened when the car is closed and locked.

Power tailgate
The optional power tailgate can be opened automatically in three ways - via the remote control, by a button in the light panel or by opening the tailgate with the handle. The automatic opening feature is very convenient if you approach the car loaded down with shopping bags.

Three-section rear seat
The three-split (40/20/40) rear seat and backrest offer two separate seats with an armrest in the middle, or three seats with safety belts for each occupant. The seat cushions are fixed and the backrest(s) can be individually folded.


Fun and comfortable ride
With the Volvo XC60, Volvo Cars takes yet another step in offering cars that are fun to drive yet comfortable to ride in. The compact format and the precise road attributes mean the new Volvo XC60 can make its way equally elegantly both on city tarmac and along country lanes.

The Volvo XC60 is sturdily built to handle all operating conditions.

The body has extra torsional rigidity and the sporty chassis setup means the car is precisely controlled and minimises roll tendencies even in demanding driving situations. Weight is optimally distributed between the front and rear axles, which contributes to good balance and traction.

Four-wheel drive for perfect grip
Volvo's All-Wheel Drive with Instant Traction is designed to guarantee the best possible road grip whatever the situation. With the help of an electronically controlled clutch, the AWD system automatically distributes drive between the front and rear wheels. The Instant Traction function shifts power from the front to the rear wheels at lightning speed, for instance when starting from standstill on slippery or loose surfaces.

Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC)
Volvo's Dynamic Stability and Traction Control system continuously registers the car's roll rate, making it possible to detect slowly building skids at an early stage. Generally, the system helps stabilise the car in evasive manoeuvres, particularly when the car is exposed to high lateral forces.

Hill Descent Control (HDC) for steep inclines
Hill Descent Control automatically controls the car's speed when driving down steep slopes. The Hill Descent Control function makes it possible for the driver to focus completely on driving when descending steep hills. The driver can control the speed with the brake pedal or the accelerator when Hill Descent Control is activated.

Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept (FOUR-C)
Volvo's FOUR-C function monitors the chassis' movements and makes it possible to choose a chassis setting that suits a certain driving style. The driver can choose between three settings, Comfort, Sport and Advanced.

Trailer Stability Assist (TSA) for stabilising car and trailer
Trailer Stability Assist is intended for stabilising the car and trailer. The system detects if the trailer starts "snaking", a phenomenon that may occur at certain speeds depending on the mass of the trailer and the way it is loaded. If Trailer Stability Assist senses snaking tendencies, it brakes the car's individual wheels to counteract the oscillation. Trailer Stability Assist is activated at speeds between 60 and 160 km/h.


Sharper T6 AWD
The six-cylinder, turbocharged T6 has a displacement of 3.0 litres and it now offers even sharper performance, thanks mainly to a reduction in internal friction. It now offers 304 hp and no less than 440 Nm of torque. The CO2 emissions are 249 g/km.

Maximum torque is achieved between 2100 and 4200 revs. This results in rapid acceleration and smooth driving properties. All-Wheel Drive (AWD) is fitted as standard.

3.2-litre naturally aspirated engine
The six-cylinder 3.2-litre naturally aspirated engine has also been upgraded and features an improved crankshaft and less internal friction. It now offers 243 hp and maximum torque is 320 Nm. In order to meet US legislative requirements, there is also a PZEV (Partial Zero Emission Vehicle) variant that produces 233 hp and 300 Nm.

New direct-injected engines
The XC60 is also available as a 2.0 GTDi (GTDi as in Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection) variant (T5) producing 240 hp and torque of 320 Nm. The GTDi engine comes with Volvo's automatic six-speed Powershift transmission.

Upgraded D5 with 215 hp
In Model year 2012 the XC60 gets the sharpened versions of the five-cylinder D5 and D3 turbodiesels. In the D5 engine Volvo Car Corporation's engine experts have boosting performance and torque from 205 hp/420 Nm to 215 hp and 440 Nm while at the same time reducing fuel consumption by eight percent. The quest for better driveability combined with lower fuel consumption and less environmental impact has led to increased focus on internal friction inside the engine.

D3 with better drivability
The D3 remains at 163 hp and 400 Nm. However, the two-litre diesel engine's driveability is now far improved thanks to fine-tuning of the turbocharger. This is an excellent example of the fact that efficiency enhancement in modern combustion engines is now taking place at microscopic levels.

More fuel-efficient
The improved driving properties of the turbodiesels are accompanied by lower fuel consumption figures for both engines.

Fuel consumption (EU Combined) of a Volvo XC60 D5 is now just 5,7 l/100 km (149 g/km) with the manual gearbox and 6,8 l/100 km (179 g/km) with the automatic. The corresponding figures for the D3 engine (DRIVe version) with manual gearbox are 5,7 l/100 km (149 g/km).


Strong body structure
The advanced front structure consists of deformation zones of different grades of steel, each one with a certain role in a collision. The structure is designed to help provide increased protection in a frontal collision.

Side structures of different grades of steel and a number of tubes and members are all designed to "move" the body to the side, helping to reduce the risk of passenger compartment intrusion. Volvo's Side Impact Protection System helps absorb incoming collision forces in order to maintain adequate safety space for the passengers.

Two-step booster cushion
The booster cushion, which is integrated in the rear seat, can be set at two heights, allowing children of different sizes to sit sufficiently high to see out through the windows yet at the same time get the most effective protection possible. The lower setting is intended for children between 115 and 140 cm in height and weighing between 22 and 36 kg, while the upper setting is designed for children measuring 95-120 cm and weighing between 15 and 25 kg. The Volvo XC60 can be equipped with integrated child booster cushions in both outer rear seats.

Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake
Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake is a groundbreaking technological solution. It can detect pedestrians who walk into the road in front of the car, warn the driver - and automatically apply full braking power if the driver does not respond in time.

In an emergency situation the driver first receives an audible warning combined with a flashing light in the windscreen's head-up display. At the same time, the car's brakes are pre-charged. If the driver does not react to the warning and an accident is imminent, full braking power is automatically applied. Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake can avoid a collision with a pedestrian at speeds of up to 35 km/h if the driver does not react in time.

Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake
Rear impacts represent a third of all reported accidents - and in more than 50 percent of these accidents, the driver doesn't brake at all. Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake is a refined warning system that initially warns the driver and pre-charges the brakes. The brakes are automatically activated if the driver doesn't act when a rear-end collision with a moving or stationary vehicle is imminent.

City Safety
City Safety is a function that senses if vehicles ahead are moving more slowly or are at a standstill. In a situation where the calculated braking force needed reaches a certain level and the driver has not reacted, the City Safety function senses that a collision is imminent.

The function is a standard feature that is active if the car's speed is below 30 km/h (19 mph). In situations where the difference in speed between the two vehicles is 15 km/h (9 mph) or less, a collision can be completely avoided. In a potential collision situation in which the difference in speed between the vehicles is between 15-30 km/h (9-19 mph), the consequences of the impending collision can be considerably reduced because the system will intervene to reduce speed before the collision occurs.

A range of other features
Driver Alert Control is a unique technology to detect and alert tired and distracted drivers. Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) helps detect vehicles in the offset rear blind spot on both sides of the car. Lane Departure Warning alerts the driver if the car runs across the lane markers without the turn indicator being used.

The Active Bending headlights with Dual Xenon technology expand the vision range by about 230 % (option).

Adaptive cruise control
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) continuously monitors the gap to the vehicles in front and automatically adjusts the car's speed to ensure that this gap does not shrink too much. The latest version operates all the way down to standstill (cars with automatic gearbox). The car accelerates automatically once the traffic starts moving again.

Roll Stability Control (RSC) and Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS)
Roll Stability Control is an active function that intervenes in situations when the car is exposed to forces that could cause it to roll over. This function helps stabilise the car and reduces the risk of rolling over in an accident. If a rollover accident should occur, the Roll-Over Protection System helps protect the passengers, but it is always recommended for everyone to wear safety belt when riding in a car.

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