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Volvo and the Police

Volvo entered the UK police market just over seven years ago and has steadily become a key player within this sector.

You may have noticed on your travels that more and more police authorities are using Volvo cars to patrol major roads around the UK.

Police drivers like the unique blend of safety, comfort and acceleration offered by the Volvo range, helping make us one of the leading suppliers of cars to the emergency services in the UK.

By providing a wide range of models, engines and equipment levels, there’s a Volvo to suit all requirements and, in 2001, Volvo has enhanced its offer, particularly to police fleets, with the introduction of Volvo’s all-new performance diesel engine, the D5.

Models available

S40 and V40 2.0, 2.0T, 1.9D
V70 T5 and XC
S60 T5
S80 Ambulance
Sales 2000 418 vehicles (219 V70 T5)
Future Increase volume with diesel opportunity

Volvo armoured vehicles

Models available S40 and V40, S60, V70 and S80
Specification Reinforced glass and composite amaride
UK market entry Possible - target market is security and government agencies
Volvo Police V70

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