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Volvo In-Car Child Safety

Graphic of pregnant test dummy

The following documents are Volvo Press Releases regarding child care and pregnant women in cars. They outline ongoing research and provide useful tips and help.

Volvo's guide to in-car child care. 1 August 2003

Volvo's pregnant crash test dummy (PDF). 8 December 2003

Children In Cars. (PDF) 36 page Volvo publication. August 2003

World Traffic Safety Symposium Awards Volvo Cars For Innovative Child Booster Cushion System. April 2007

Safety for the pregnant driver and her unborn child. May 2007

Children should travel rearward facing until they are three to four years. May 2007

Children are not small versions of adults and need special restraints. May 2007

25th anniversary of the integrated booster cushion

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