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Volvo S80. Security and Protection

Just like driving characteristics, crash protection and climate comfort are defined as safety areas by Volvo, security is also a matter of safety for Volvo and something that concerns us every day.

Security is a relatively new area, but this does not make it any less important. At Volvo, security is regarded as part of safety, just like crash protection. Extensive research and development has therefore resulted in a range of features with a very high technology level.

Security can be divided into two areas: personal protection and protection for vehicles/personal belongings or anti-theft systems.

The large number of security features is primarily a result of the new and revolutionary multiplex electrical system. The system allows for easy-to- add-and-install functions at a hitherto unknown level.

The need for personal security has unfortunately increased in recent years and this has led to the development of many ingenious features to increase the sense of security both outside and inside the car, when approaching and leaving it in the dark.

Effective central locking system
A smart and effective central locking system with remote control is one of the basic items in this area. The principle of the central locking system on the Volvo S80 is based on continuously changing control codes to prevent people recording or copying the control signal.

The code is changed every time the lock/unlock buttons are used.

Furthermore, the driver's door has the only lock cylinder in the system. It is of the free-rotation type which makes entry via the cylinder impossible.

When the car is locked from the outside, the inner locking devices are released and the car cannot be opened from the inside through a broken side window.

There is a hidden emergency lock in the boot lid.

The central locking system can also be operated from inside the car, when driving in city traffic or through less safe neighbourhoods, for example.

Should the driver forget to lock the car when leaving, it will automatically lock itself within two minutes.

The central locking system can be combined with an alarm that is fully integrated in the multiplex system and has been specially developed for the Volvo S80.

The alarm is based on the existing central locking system and its "rolling code" system and is available in different versions depending on market requirements and regulations.

The basic version monitors the bonnet, doors, boot lid and ignition lock. Additional sensors can easily be fitted including a movement detector for the passenger compartment or a level sensor which reacts if the car is tilted, lifted or towed away. The interior movement detector can be switched off if a child or dog is left in the car while parked, for example.

Laminated sidewindow
Break-ins through the side windows are made even more difficult by the optional laminated side windows.

Should the car nonetheless be broken into, it will be very difficult to start as it has an electronic immobiliser. This immobiliser also uses the "rolling code" which makes the car virtually impossible to start without the right key.

Aproach Light
There are several personal security features which make approaching and leaving the car safe in different circumstances. One of them is the optional approach light. When approaching the car in the dark, a touch on the button will turn on both a number of exterior lights and the interior light, as well as the rear-view mirror lights if they have been fitted.

Home Safe Lighting
Another personal security function is called "Home Safe Lighting" and is used when leaving the car in the dark, on the owner's driveway, for example. Pulling the full-beam lever ensures that the headlights and a couple of other lights stay on, in order to light up the area in front of the car for about 90 seconds after the car has been locked.

Mayday helps and protects
Another interesting security feature is the Mayday system which offers both personal and vehicle protection. Mayday will be available when there is a reliable service provider in each market.

This is a two-way communication system which identifies the position of the car and is automatically activated in the event of an accident, i.e. when the airbag is triggered, which will then ensure speedy rescue. The driver can also use the system manually and call for help in case of a breakdown or if he or she is in trouble.

The system has a number of back-up functions as it must still work after a serious accident or if the battery goes completely flat.

A attempted break-in will automatically be discovered and both the owner and the police will be alerted. If the car is stolen, it will also be possible to identify its position.

Like RTI, Mayday uses GPS (Global Positioning System) and needs the GSM network (PCS in the USA).

The Volvo S80 is not only a safe car in terms of active and passive safety. It also provides a level of personal and vehicle security hitherto unheard of in the automotive world.

Care, innovation and state-of-the art technology have enabled the car to reach this level.

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