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80 years with Volvo cars – Jubilee theme for Volvo Cars at Techno-Classica show in Essen

19 February 2007

Volvo Cars is back at the world’s largest show for classic cars and everything else to do with the classic-car hobby. The exhibition theme for this year’s Volvo stand is "As times goes by – 80 years with Volvo cars".

Eight cars trace the company’s history
At this year’s show – held between March 28 and April 1 – it’s the models celebrating even birthdays that are under the spotlight. It is now 80 years since the first Volvo car left the factory in Göteborg, so the company’s first eighty years are being celebrated with the help of ÖV4 and another seven birthday celebrants, each representing a different decade.

Using these landmark models, the exhibition showcases the company’s development from start to today. The older cars may not be very well known outside Sweden. All the more reason, then, to give them their right of place in Essen.

The open ÖV4 can be seen together with a PV52, an elegant vehicle from the 1930s, the first series of the PV444, an early Amazon, the very first version of the 145 estate car, a 240 in jubilee guise, the sporty 480 Turbo and the very latest addition to Volvo’s model range, the C30 T5. Each model represents a different decade.

Award-winning C30 – drawing its inspiration from historical precedent
The Volvo C30 is a small Volvo, youthful and packed with driving pleasure and first-class safety. Its design with the daring rear treatment and glass tailgate is recognizable from Volvo’s previous sports coupe models, the 1800ES and 480ES. In Germany the C30 has already received two highly prestigious awards: Goldenes Lenkrad (Golden Steering Wheel) from one of the major Sunday papers, Bild am Sonntag, and Auto Zeitung’s Auto Trophy award in the best compact car class.

Information about tradition
The organisers of the large annual international Volvo meet in Göteborg, VROM, are on the stand with information and staff, as is GCP – Genuine Classic Parts – the company that supplies parts for classic Volvo models from the PV444 to the 140 Series.

Responsibility for Volvo Cars participation at Techno-Classica is in the hands of Volvo Cars Heritage, a department of Public Affairs whose brief is to nurture and present the company’s history and rich heritage. Volvo Cars Heritage is also represented on the stand.

For information about Techno-Classica, visit

Hand coloured photo of early PV444Volvo 240 832 544 654 OV41927 Volvo OV4

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