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Volvo V70 Range for 2007 Including Special Edition Sport

11 January 2007

The Volvo V70 is the UK’s best-selling, large premium estate car and, for 2007, Volvo is introducing a high specification, great value V70 Special Edition Sport model, at the same time as simplifying the rest of the V70 range.

Special Edition Sport
The Special Edition Sport is equipped with a number of sporty additions1 including leather sports upholstery, unique 5 spoke wheels, chronograph instruments, rear spoiler, speed dependent steering and colour co-ordinated front and rear lower spoilers and lower side mouldings.

This model also offers exceptional value with prices starting from £24,310 (on the road) for the 2.4 (170PS) model. Priced at just £500 above the entry-level S specification and £1,300 less than the Sport model it replaces, the new Special Edition Sport is available with a choice of three of Volvo’s five-cylinder engines – a 2.4 (170PS) petrol and two diesels, a 2.4D (163PS) and D5 (185PS). All engines are available to order immediately with a choice of manual, automatic or Geartronic transmissions.

Both 2.4 and D5 diesel engines have a relatively low CO2 emission figure of 179g/km, which is good news for company motorists. A 22% tax payer will pay just £117 per month to get behind the wheel of the 2.4D or £121 for the more powerful D5 Special Edition Sport.

The Volvo V70 range for 2007
The Volvo V70 range continues to offer a wide range of trim levels for 2007, including S, SE, SE Sport and SE Lux models, plus the high performance, 300PS V70 R, and the new Special Edition Sport.

To simplify the V70 range and offer the most attractive variants, Volvo is keeping the five most popular engines2 – the 2.4 (170PS), 2.5T (210PS), T5 (260PS), 2.4D (163PS) and D5 (185PS), plus the Bi-Fuel (CNG) model. This reduces the range from 46 to 15 model variants.

In addition, Volvo has reduced the price for the 2.4 (170PS) engine model by £700 which now becomes the entry-level engine in the V70 range at £23,810.

These range adjustments mean that, with a CO2 figure of 179g/km, a 22% company car tax payer will pay £134 per month to get behind the wheel of the new Volvo V70 2.4 S and just £117 per month to drive the V70 2.4D Special Edition Sport.

1. The specification for the V70 Special Edition Sport includes:

  • Leather sports steering wheel, space-ball gear knob and sports handbrake lever
  • Chronograph instrument dials
  • Leather sports upholstery (new)
  • Unique 17in 5 spoke diamond cut/titanium alloy wheels (new)
  • Rear spoiler
  • Door mirror ground lights
  • Speed dependent power steering
  • Mesh aluminium interior trim
  • Colour co-ordinated front and rear lower spoilers and lower side mouldings

2. The 2.4 (140PS), 2.0T, 2.5T AWD and D5 AWD variants are no longer available.

3. The new 2007 Volvo V70 model range:

Model Power £ (On the road)
V70 2.4 S
V70 2.4D S
V70 2.4 Special Edition Sport
V70 2.4D Special Edition Sport
V70 D5 Special Edition Sport
V70 2.4 SE
V70 2.5T SE
2.4D SE
2.4 Bi-Fuel (CNG) SE
T5 SE Sport
D5 SE Sport
T5 SE Lux
D5 SE Lux

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