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Volvo V50 added to Surrey Ambulance Fleet

30 September 2005

The Surrey Ambulance Service has added the new Volvo V50 Sportswagon to its fleet of fast response emergency vehicles which are strategically based throughout the county to provide a speedy paramedic service to reach patients within 8 minutes of receiving a call-out, 24/7.

The Volvo V50 Sportswagon was chosen by the Surrey Ambulance Service because of its combination of enhanced road holding, reliability and safety features, which make it an ideal vehicle to transport crew in comfort and safety. The cars will be in service for 5 years and will cover approximately 100,000 miles of Surrey roads.

The rear loadspace of the V50 will hold all the necessary life saving equipment needed for Surrey Ambulance paramedics to administer on-the-spot emergency medical treatment, before a traditional ambulance arrives to take the patient to hospital, if required. 

The only modification requested for the Volvos was removing the front passenger seat to accommodate a communications pod that allows Paramedics to send and receive essential data on the location of emergency incidents and the status of patients in their care.  

Justin Ward of Surrey Ambulance says, "The Volvo V50 meets Police specifications as an emergency vehicle and is a perfect match for the needs of our Paramedic staff and the essential service they perform.  It’s reassuring to know that when they respond to an emergency call, driving as quickly as possible through traffic, their health and well-being is protected by renowned Volvo safety features."

"Volvo cars also have an excellent reputation for reliability," Justin adds.  "As emergency vehicles, reliability is extremely important.  We can’t afford to have vehicles out of service – it could literally cost lives."

Volvo V50 Ambulance

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