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Oil Filters

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Parts Sources

Aftermarket Part Quality

Used Parts Sources

Bolts and Fasteners

Source of Rebuilt AMM

Source of FI Computers

Source of Rebuilt Power Steering Racks

Sources of Aftermarket Air Conditioning Parts

Sources of Fasteners

Volvo Part Numbers: Secret Check Digit

Oil Filters. [Editor] Use only Mann or Volvo OEM filters in your car. Do not use Fram, Wix, STP or any discount house generics: they lack either quality filtering media or a working anti-drainback valve. Buy Mann/OEM filters from:

Parts Lists and Diagrams .

Parts Sources

  1. OEM Volvo Parts:
  2. Volvo Aftermarket Specialists. Some of these also offer OEM Volvo parts.
  3. Canadian Sources:
  4. UK Sources:
  5. Swedish Sources:
    • Many retailers purchase from ScanTech (a Swedish aftermarket manufacturer with a distribution center in Minnesota.) Visit their on-line catalog for excellent parts diagrams:
  6. Lighting Parts:
  7. Miscellaneous Parts Sources:

Aftermarket Part Quality. [Editor] Note that increasing numbers of reports of substandard aftermarket parts from China are appearing on Brickboard; see the following link for one example.

Used Parts Sources. [Tip from Steve] To determine which parts can be used from different model years of 700 and 900 cars, the salvage yards use a book called the Hollander Interchange manual for auto parts. See their website at Ask the yard for it as it is expensive.

US Parts Finders:

  • Try CoPartFinder, an automated pay-per-search (around fifty cents) database listing many salvage yards in the US at
  • Try, another free car part search engine.

US Sources:

US Self-Serve Parts Sources:

Bolts and Fasteners. [Bob Kraushaar] For a comprehensive selection on-line of bolts and fasteners of all kinds, see BoltDepot.Com in North Weymouth, MA. [Editor] Metric accessories may be had from Maryland Metrics for those in the US who are metric-deprived.

Source of Rebuilt AMM. [Response 1:] Injection Labs in Gardnerville, Nevada remanufactures air mass meters for Volvos. Both my '89 and '90 240DL Wagons are running with their AMM's. They will sell direct. Cost was approximately $150.00 U.S. each (as of April '98). Telephone number is 702-782-8544. Speak to Kevin. Website:

[Response 2:] About 18 months ago, I replaced the AMM on my '89 240DL with a re-built unit from the following company: Injection Labs, 1436 Industrial Way, UnitC, Gardnerville, Nevada, 89410, Tel: 702-782-8544 Fax: 702-782-3481. My unit failed after 15 months and my supplier told me that it had a only a one year warranty. I called Injection Labs directly and spoke to Kevin. He was very helpful and he sent me a replacement right away (no charge). I returned the defective unit. My wife's '90 240 now needs a new AMM. I called Injection Labs and asked if they sell direct, which they will. Kevin quoted me $150.00 U.S., exchange. [Editor] Bosch now remanufactures these units. They are available from internet parts suppliers.

Source of FI Computers.

A failed ECU forces you to choose among a new, rebuilt or recycled unit. My preliminary discussions with other list members and my mechanics has steered me into getting a rebuilt for longevity and peace of mind. The Bosch ECUs do deteriorate over time and rebuilders rectify the problems. Most will warrant the unit for two to four years or for your ownership of the vehicle.

A new unit can cost between $800 and $1500 through Volvo dealers or aftermarket resellers of Bosch components. For a rebuilt unit, your first option is to go through the Volvo dealer or contact an independent rebuilder. Independent rebuilders for rebuilt ECUs are listed along with warranties (if known) in Engine: FIComputer.

Source of Rebuilt Power Steering Racks.

  • [Tip from Pete Gotseff] Try The Q-list has been using them for years. They are very cheap and price includes return shipping via UPS. These are rebuilt racks and the price justifies having them do it.
  • Atlantic Enterprises (South Carolina) Lifetime warranty: .

Sources of Aftermarket Air Conditioning Parts. [Inquiry] I need a new evaporator for my 960. The unit in the car reads Harrison France. Where can I obtain one less expensive than Volvo OEM?

Sources of Fasteners.

[Tip from Gary Innes] Do yourselves a BIG favor and obtain the catalog from the Gardner-Westcott Co. of Northville, Michigan; 800-521-9805. ( They stock standard/metric, chrome/stainless, automotive/hydraulic, grades five/eight and NINE!!! Grade NINE is what we all should be using for head bolts and rod nuts when we rebuild our precious Swedish power-plants!!! Best of all, for us home mechanics--NO MINIMUM ORDER!!! You can order one dollars' worth!!! This sets them apart from firms like MSC, where you must get 50 or 100 of an item. I'm sure that they can ship across The Pond. Their telephone people are always courteous and efficient; shipment is quick; I can't say enough about them.

Volvo Part Numbers:

Secret Check Digit. The secret Volvo formula for a check digit is as follows: 1212121 - the next whole number divided by 10.

Example 6 6 0 8 2 8

multiply each digit, digit by digit, by: 1 2 1 2 1 2

equals: 6 12 0 16 2 16

Then add the resulting digits as: 6+1+2+0+1+6+2+1+6 =25

and subtract from the next closest number divisable by 10 and the remainder is your check digit (5). Hope this helps - I worked at a Volvo dealer for 18-years and found that the Volvo check digit always kept you from accidentally ordering the wrong part (did not keep Volvo from sending the wrong part). Knowing the formula allowed me to order parts that I read about in non-U.S. bulletins.

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