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Adding Remote Door Locks to a Volvo 940 or 960

Instructions for Fitting a 900 series with a Remote Locking Device.
[Photos courtesy of Dick Riess]

[Tips from Rob Bareiss] To add a keyless remote system to your 740 or 940, you need to add a lock motor to the driver's door. This lock motor that you add needs a linkage to operate the driver's door lock rod- the rest of the doors operate just as if you pushed the button down yourself. You can make this a bit easier on yourself by picking up the driver's rear door lock motor and a passenger's front door lock motor and linkage from a junkyard. This will give you factory parts that will bolt in directly. You will also need the control box from a keyless kit to make this work. Finally, you'll need to run a power wiring harness to the new motor- try to grab one from one of the lock motors you get in the junkyard. All the parts can come from a junkyard. You can also buy aftermarket, but the "custom fit" actuators often require you to hack up your door skin.

[Dick Riess] The 900 series uses a totally different lock motor system than the 700 series: the 900 motor is not "L" shaped and is directly connected to the lock and the knob. There is no linkage arm.. Finding 900 parts proved impossible, so a 700 series motor and passenger side linkage (shown in the photos) was substituted. You may also use a 200 series motor, but linkage does not work as well. The swivel and linkage were used, but the metal cage normally used to attach to the door was discarded. The holes in the motor, which normally hold screws fastening the cage were bored out, so that metal screws could fasten the motor to the door. Note picture 1.The plastic swivel was mounted on the inside corner of the door. See picture. One linkage rod was run to the motor...the other to the lock switch. Linkage was bent for best fit. The two motor wires were routed through the door with the other door wiring through a piece of shrink wrap. Note picture 2. The shrink wrap was used because there was not room in the factory conduit. Wires were attached in the area of the left kick panel. Wiring of the motor was reversed because of the reversed position of the lock motor. Note approximate position of wires and controller in picture 3. Leave the old door switch (which acts as a switch for the other doors) in place so that the process of unlocking will be as follows: The new motor gets a signal to lock/unlock the door. This is transfered to the locking unit via the linkage and raises/lowers the round knob. At the same time, the existing drivers door switch is triggered, signaling the other doors to lock/unlock. Comment: My wife likes it!

2 Wires coming through door edge
3 Wires running to keyless controller box in kickwell
1 Motor and linkage rod mounted on door

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