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Volvo S80 Comfort of World Class

The Volvo S80 will set a totally new standard for Volvo when it comes to driving, ride and sound comfort. This is a car that people will drive with delight and travel in as a passenger with pleasure – factors which are absolutely vital in order to compete in this segment.

"The basis of top-class ride comfort is a basic design with a very stiff body, the correct wheel size and a well-insulated chassis system," says Hans Wikman, project manager for the Volvo S80. "Our commitment to comfort is a prerequisite in order to compete in this segment."

  • The GSM phone in the Volvo S80 is fully integrated in the driver‘s area. There are numbers of control buttons on the steering wheel and on the centre console. The microphone is built into the interior rearview mirror.
  • For private conversations, there is a handset which is built into the centre armrest and is easily accessible from both the front and rear seats.
  • The new generation of climate units has far higher capacity when it comes to both cooling and heating. The distribution of air has been modified to include an air vent in the pillars between the front and rear seats. This considerably improves the climate in the rear seat in summer and winter alike.
  • In addition to the phone buttons, the adjustable steering wheel also features integrated buttons for cruise control, the audio unit and the RTI system.
  • The interior rearview mirror has an electrochromatic function which automatically filters the light from the headlights of cars behind.
  • The rear seat is very roomy and is designed to give three passengers safe and enjoyable comfort.
  • The rear head restraints can be folded forwards by pressing a button, in order to improve the driver‘s visibility. This means that Volvo‘s head restraints, unlike the traditional type which fold backwards, cannot be left unused on the hatshelf when there are passengers on the rear seat. It is not possible to sit comfortably on the rear seat with the head restraints folded forwards.
  • The top-class audio system is available in a number of different levels, from an RDS radio with a cassette recorder to a sophisticated Dolby Pro Logic Surround audio system.

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