Dear Volvo Car Customer,



We would like to inform you that Volvo Car Corporation, in co-operation with the tow hitch supplier Brink Sverige AB, has decided to carry out a Recall of a limited number of Volvo cars equipped with a certain version of a Detachable Tow Hitch, which has been manufactured by Brink for Volvo and other car manufactures.


Analysis made together with the supplier Brink on hitches of this version shows that there may be a risk that the detachable tow hitch can separate from the car.


We kindly ask You to check whether Your Volvo is equipped with a detachable tow hitch, that has a green release handle (A), a key lock (B) and where the area around the red signal pin (D) is round (C) (see picture below). If yes it is most important that you read the information in this letter and follow the instructions mentioned below.


If you are not sure about which type of tow hitch that is fitted to your car, we kindly ask you to contact your nearest authorised Volvo Dealer for advice.


Round area


Red Signal Pin


Green release handle


Key lock



If Your Volvo is equipped with a Detachable Tow Hitch of above described version we kindly ask you to contact your nearest authorised Volvo Dealer without delay, in order to have it replaced, free of charge.

You are advised not to use Your Detachable Tow Hitch, of above described version, until you have got it replaced or temporary secured.


If You earlier have got Your Detachable Tow Hitch temporary secured by Your Dealer it is now time to get it finally replaced.



If you are not the user of the car, we kindly ask You to inform the user of the vehicle of the content of this letter.



We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this action may cause you, but we trust you will appreciate our efforts to continually safeguard the quality and safety associated with our products.